Femmewear For The Future

Lushious is breaking down cultural barriers around self-love and creativity, producing quality-made goods, fostering community, and sparking conversations around what it means to express your femininity in the 21st century.

Our Values

Femme-first: We want people to feel emboldened to express themselves. We create quality clothes and virtual experiences that put women & femmes front and center, for their own pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

Size-inclusivity: Beautiful clothes for people of all shapes and sizes. Your size does not define you, it’s how you choose to celebrate your body. We’re here for it.

Gender-expansiveness: Our clothing styles are feminine, but that doesn’t mean they’re for women exclusively; they’re for anyone and everyone who wants to express their individuality. We design a variety of styles that accommodate people with different body parts because nobody should be excluded from the Lushious experience.

Sustainability is Key: We use primarily sustainable and recycled fiber materials and are constantly striving towards a smaller carbon footprint

Our Founder

For Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Lushious was an inevitability. With an early modeling start that landed her on the cover of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour, she quickly cultivated a keen sense of the widespread insecurities fed by media and felt by many: that each part of the feminine body is subject to both glamorization and scrutiny.

Channeling that awareness into a drive to shift the conversation around bodies and self-image, Atlanta has previously launched several brand partnerships and capsule collections, designing clothing lines for Revolve, Fame & Partners, and Morgan Lane, all of which included sizes and styles the brands previously didn’t offer.

She is also the host of I’m Over It, an interview podcast dedicated to examining various issues around self-image, mental health, inequality, social justice & activism faced by young people today. Lushious World is the culmination of Atlanta’s 15+ years working in front of and behind the camera; a labor of love, fueled by passionate research, experimentation & uncompromising vision for something truly new, and better.