Sizing and fittings can be stressful af. We’re here to make it simple.

XS Peachy
S Superb
M Fancy
L Ultra
XL Sublime
2X Splendid
3X Lavish
4X Heavenly
5X Divine

Hey- what’s with all these cute names?

Glad you asked. At Lushious, we’re focused on making you feel good. Sizing can be triggering, stressful and confusing, and we want to shift the focus away from numbers and toward the promised feelings of comfort and joy that our femmewear makes you feel. We still have designed our clothes with standard alpha sizing in mind (ranging from XS - 5X), but have adorned our clothes with labels that are descriptive, not prescripti- ve. Because you’re more than a number!

Ok I love that, but how do I find the right fit for me?

Not to fear! We offer a wide range of sizes, lovingly designed and patterned with every size in mind ranging from XS to 5X. We list our measurement size-guide (see below) on our website for easy reference, but you won’t have to look at a boring old number every time you slip us on or off. Instead, you’ll see one of our many affirming labels, boasting sizes like “Peachy” and “Heavenly”. Think of your new size label as our sealed- with-a-kiss gesture. You won’t want to remove it or ignore our labels; if anything, you’ll smile looking at it every time you play dress-up with us.

Size XS S M L XL
  Peachy Superb Fancy Ultra Sublime
Bust 31"–33" 34"–35" 36"–37" 38"–40" 41"–43"
Waist 24"–26" 27"–28" 28.5"–31" 32"–34" 35"–37"
Hip 32"–35" 36"–38" 39"–41" 42"–44" 45"–47"
Size 2X 3X 4X 5X
  Splendid Lavish Heavenly Divine
Bust 44"–46" 47"–50" 51"–54" 55"–57"
Waist 38"–40" 41"–43" 44"–46" 47"–49"
Hip 48"–50" 51"–53" 54"–57" 58"–60"