What's the story behind this NFT drop?

Our first collection of NFTs is dropped in conjunction with our launch prints. We’ve also created our own Lushious avatar named Angel, bridging the physical and digital world. She’s wearing our swim pieces in NFTS, showing off our physical apparel in the virtual world and representing all of the things that Lushious values: forward-thinking, self-empowering inclusivity. Lushious is here to play in both the digital & physical worlds.

What's the environmental impact?

Lushious is committed to caring for our planet. Alongside our sustainability practices in our apparel production by using recycled fabrics and fibers, we recognize that virtual goods also have an impact on limited resources. To that end, we’re proud to be using the Polygon blockchain, which has a much smaller impact compared to other blockchains traditionally used by NFT collections. The carbon impact of claiming a Lushious NFT is equivalent to sending approximately 2.5 emails.

Why are we doing this NFT collection?

Lushious is digitally-native, establishing itself at the forefront of a new generation of DTC. We believe in the value of applying modern technology to our business to offer our consumers more options that empower them and meet their needs. This includes web3. We wanted a way to immediately engage our community and bring them along this ride as we continue to deepen our relationship with web3 and NFTs.

What are the perks of having this NFT?

Invitations to Lushious IRL events
Access to Lushious Gang discord
Exclusive merch releases