Trying On Clothes Can Be Triggering

Trying On Clothes Can Be Triggering

By Atlanta Taylor

Trying On Clothes Can Be Triggering

We've all been there: Frantic and sweaty in the changing room, worn out from the awkward gymnastics of trying on a bunch of outfits in rapid succession, and frustrated by the fact that the pieces picked off the rack looked amazing on display and fit, well… less than amazing.

When you try on something that looks rad, with a label that says your size but clearly isn’t, it can feel like a personal attack. Cue the second-guessing: do I even know my own size? Has my spatial-awareness changed? Has my taste-level changed? Has my body changed! Am I being gaslit by another cute top?


do I even know my own size? Has my spatial-awareness changed? Has my taste-level changed? Has my body changed!


With a pile of disappointments next to you on the changing-room bench, the fear of further disappointment can make it unbearable to even ask do you carry this in another size?


Sizing can be triggering for a number of reasons


‍Sizing can be triggering for a number of reasons, many tied up in shame around who we’re told we’re supposed to be. There's a highly-toxic morality associated with size in our culture, which has been both heavily critiqued and reinforced in what sometimes seems like an endless cycle of two steps forward, one step back: just because we're aware that sizeism and ableism exist doesn’t mean it solves the very immediate and real problem of finding something that actually fits us.

The reality is that sizing is a wholly inconsistent, arbitrary set of standards that vary widely from brand to brand and country to country. There is no universal authority, governing body or official advocacy group for sizing standardization. Consequently, there's ZERO guarantees or common-sense when it comes to the numbers sewn into your clothes. They’re completely useless, unless you happen to be one of those unicorns who look good in anything and don’t have to worry about trivial human struggles.In short: Sizing is chaos, and the irony is that people who face the brunt of this are not a minority, but rather broadly, all of us. What's the deal? Well, if we had the answer to that, Lushious would've won the Nobel Peace Prize by now– We're no angels, but we do genuinely care about your comfort, joy and ease of mind.

To that end, we decided from day one to build Lushious with a unique (better) philosophy around sizing:

1. Farewell to Arbitrary
We're saying goodbye to the powerful sway sizing has had on us. Does this mean our clothes will be confusing to find in your fit? Absolutely not.  On the contrary: rest assured, Lushious still lists typical US-sizing numbers as reference points on our website. If something doesn't fit, we accept exchanges & returns (duh), but we bet you won't even have to ask. Our designs are a labor of love, made to fit you and make you feel great.

2. Slow-Cooked, Small-Batch, Lovingly-Sourced
Fast Fashion is wasteful. We didn’t want to be like so many other brands, and during the early stages of our development we chose to commit fully to quality over quantity. We’ve taken our time measuring (more than) twice and cutting once, because we want every single piece we release to be celebrated by anyone who wears it. As our bodies shift and fluctuate naturally, we think great clothes can, and should, be accommodating– not restrictive– in comfort, fit and durability. That's why we design our swimwear with patterns and fabrics made to look fab, feel fab and last a long time.

3‍. Terms of Endearment
Say goodbye to being a "Size X". You're not a size anything. Instead of sewing random, useless numbers front-and-center on our clothing labels, we've selected a range of flirtatious, cheeky and affirming nicknames for our labels, one for each of our corresponding sizes. Lushious swimsuits are made in sizes for all, and we also decided from the jump that when you put on Lushious swimwear, we don't want you to be reminded of a number that doesn't define you or even mean anything. Think of our size nicknames as love notes; a reminder every time you play dress up with us that your body is not defined by a number: 


You are a living, breathing human, and we love that about you.‍